Shaarimoth - Temple Of The Adversarial Fire album review

Nordic death metallers throw new DNA into the swamp


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A lot of cross-pollination has occurred in metal in the last decade, so to hear that Shaarimoth’s second album after an 11-year absence is very contemporary proves this Norwegian death metal act have been close paying attention, specifically to how black metal has been merged successfully with the more oppressive tenets of death metal.

At their heaviest Shaarimoth summon Morbid Angel circa Covenant or kneel before Nile’s impenetrable catacombs, while at their most grandiose, their ritualistic BM elements, both vocal and instrumental, take direct inspiration from the recent Behemoth and Rotting Christ. When these styles amalgamate fluidly, as the esoteric horror of Elevenfolded Wrath Of Sitra Achra and Beast Of Lawlessness, Shaarimoth are almost unstoppable. However, they manage to undermine their momentum on occasion with some distracting, cartoonishly evil riffs that take you out of the genuine aphotic zone they’ve created overall for their welcome rebirth.