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Sevendust's Blood & Stone is a sturdy slice of 21st Century rock

Unlucky Atlantans’ Sevendust remain defiant on thirteenth album Blood & Stone

Sevendust: Blood & Stone
(Image: © Rise Records)

Many a band are described as ‘survivors’, but this Georgia quintet have overcome more adversity than most to make it to their quartercentury with the original line-up intact. 

Near-bankruptcy, addiction and divorce have regularly threatened their existence. Which might be why this new studio album has a defiant air to it. Dying To Live and Blood From A Stone are epic volleys of blazing riffage, machine-gun drums and anthemic vocal swells, but elsewhere, they’re showing a few scars

Lajon Witherspoon’s ever-emotive vocals cut through most strikingly on the epic lament Nothing Left To See Here Anymore, full of weary anger tinged with a bruised despair. 

Their take on Soundgarden’s The Day I Tried To Live might highlight unfavourably Sevendust’s relative lack of distinctive songwriting traits, but this album is still a very sturdy slab of 21st-century hard rock.