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Sendelica - Lilacs Out Of The Deadlands album review

Epic split personality double set from prog’s best-kept secret Sendelica

Sendelica - Lilacs Out Of The Deadlands album artwork

Formed over 10 years ago, Sendelica have released over a dozen albums and regularly enrapture large gatherings around Europe with their panoramic blend of cosmic space rock, psychedelic prog and Krautrock grooves.

Incubating sounds under ancient monuments in deepest Wales, the band’s thriving cottage industry has, incredibly, never been subject of a major press feature. Their latest double set comes as yin and yang-marked discs that see the core band of guitarist Pete Bingham, bassist Glenda Pescado, saxophonist Lee Relfe and drummer Joe Caswell joined by a horde of guests in their ongoing quest. The yin LP consists of the 20-minute-plus Onism’s beatless firewall of eerie Mellotron, ethereal sax and luminescent guitar, before side B’s string- and brass imbued space symphony Occhiolism. The yang disc cranks up Sendelica’s trademark monolithic riffs over five outbursts that gloriously recall VdGG, East Of Eden or, on the infernal Dancing To Dante’s Inferno, the Stooges. Sendelica also boast the best track titles – Staring At The Fainting Goats, anyone? Those tempted to enter Sendelica’s heliocentric world may well find the band of their dreams – and prog’s best-kept secret.