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Rush - Time Stand Still DVD review

It’s their ‘end of the road’ doc, and there are tears

Rush Time Stand Still DVD cover

Of all the songs performed by Rush on their final tour in 2015, none resonated as deeply as Losing It. When drummer Neil Peart wrote the song’s lyrics in the early 80s he was not yet 30, but the subject – artists diminished by age – is central to his decision to go out with dignity intact. After more than 40 years of Rush, Peart says, “I think that’s about enough for this old body”.

In this documentary there are many poignant scenes, with fans crying as they hear Working Man one last time live, and bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee overwhelmed by emotion at the end of the final gig, in LA, when he tells the audience: “I do hope we’ll meet again some time.” Guitarist Alex Lifeson said of that show: “I tried to absorb as much as I could.”

It’s over: the touring, for sure. Maybe the band have gone with it. And as Geddy says, “it hurts”.