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Royal Southern Brotherhood: Royal Southern Brotherhood

Gruntin’ Gregg’s boy makes nepotistic magic with next-generation Neville brother.

At first glance,

Royal Southern Brotherhood is led by Cyril Neville and Gregg Allman’s son Devon, and also features award-winning blues ace Mike Zito.

Name-dropping and high expectations aside, and despite the fact that their debut includes such regional song titles as Moonlight Over The Mississippi and Left My Heart In Memphis, their sound is less southern twang and more soulful blues; rock’n’roll easy listening with added groove that will appeal to a multitude of rock lovers.

The five-piece also showcase their technical musical skills throughout the album, particularly on the instrumental closer Brotherhood, as well as their knack for knocking out catchy and commercial rock tunes – you’ll be humming opener New Horizons long after the album stops spinning.

With this debut, Royal Southern Brotherhood prove their sounds are just as solid as their impressive rock’n’roll roots.