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Robert Trujillo: Jaco: The Film

Robert Trujillo’s hymn to a bass legend.

A prodigious if impish talent who transformed the way his instrument sounded and then rose to international stardom with a mix of performance (amps were straddled, guitars thrown into the wings) and skill that could make your head spin, Jaco Pastorius flew high and crashed hard with a familiar mix of drink and drug addiction.

Add to this an undiagnosed bipolar disorder and a set of bloody circumstances that lead to a life on the street and a violent and tragic death.

As a work of fiction it would be hard to bear, as real life it’s almost too much. Producer Trujillo and this remarkable parade of talking heads – an effortlessly cool Joni Mitchell, Geddy Lee, Flea, a droll Bootsy Collins – are here to pay homage however. This is a moving love letter to a star that burned just a little too brightly.

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