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Raging Speedhorn’s Hard To Kill: come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough

Brit-metal lunatics Raging Speedhorn prove what doesn’t kill them makes them sludgier

Raging Speedhorn: Hard To Kill
(Image: © Red Weed)

Twenty years on from their debut, you would be hard- pressed to argue with the title of Raging Speedhorn’s sixth album. They might have split for six years in 2008, but that proved just long enough to recharge the batteries for a thunderous comeback, with the added benefit of seeing the UK sludge scene flourish from seeds they had sown. Hard To Kill sees the band on furious, fantastic form, coming out full-pelt on Snakebite and giving no quarter from then on. Imagine High On Fire in a high-speed collision with The Bronx and you’d be partway to describing the swagger and freneticism Speedhorn effortlessly invoke. Producer Russ Russell comes closer to capturing the intensity of the band’s live shows than anyone has, elevating their sound so much you can actively hear why RS were held up as the shining hope of British metal.