PostHumanBigBang: PostHumanBigBang

Ambitious Swiss prog metal debut, if you can get past the growls...

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Musical daring is always an admirable trait, and when it’s backed with a raw talent such bravado is even more rousing. The Swiss band’s debut album opens with a narrated extract from Shakespeare’s The Tempest that sounds like it’s being delivered by the Dalai Lama, but this placidity is in sharp contrast with the growling vocals that immediately follow.

Yet with the musical bravery that Posthumanbigbang demonstrate, such an odd dichotomy isn’t exactly unexpected. With a glut of progressive metal bands merely imitating instead of innovating, this band have astutely created a sound that is genre-crossing, hugely original and refreshing.

Yes, there are elements that hint at Opeth or Pain Of Salvation, but what lies at the heart of their discrete appeal is the frequent addition of jazz edge (Dim), as well as funk or even straight-ahead rock. Admittedly such a potentially weird mix could, in the wrong hands, be an unwieldy mess but the maturity shown on this band’s first outing is remarkable.

Highlights are many, with the anthemic Homebound and elegant Compound being the pick. Prog purists may sniff at the fleeting growls, but even the most blinkered will find much to admire.