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Philm: Fire From The Evening Sun

The post-Slayer Dave Lombardo gets back on track

Dave Lombardo formed Philm

Marked by moody soundscapes and bluesy experimentalism, their debut, Harmonic, was as satisfying as it was ambitious, with clattering hardcore interludes invigorating the sprawling epic with a sense of unpredictability. Two years later, Lombardo finds himself with more time for side projects in the wake of his acrimonious split from Slayer. This has proven to be good news for Philm, as Fire… sees the trio notch an electrifying new high. Lombardo has again stepped into the producer’s chair, turning in 12 tightly focused tracks that draw heavily from hardcore, classic rock and metal. Both the title track and We Sail At Dawn showcase the trio’s newfound enthusiasm for titanic metallic beatdowns, while Blue Dragon meshes echoey spaghetti western guitars with machine gun malice. Retaining a whiff of experimentalism, Philm’s sophomore outing is a textured and absorbing voyage from start to finish.

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