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Pet Slimmers Of The Year: Fragments Of Uniforms

Post-metal pilgrims set off on an incredible journey

Not, as their name might imply, a homage to Canadian electro-industrial pioneers Skinny Puppy, and nor are the Peterborough-based trio, thankfully, of the ilk of those metalcore bands who still think it’s funny to name songs after 80s TV show characters.

Perhaps, then, given both the delicate undulation and the cascading power of the post-metal odyssey contained within Fragments Of Uniforms, their disarmingly naff moniker is simply a device for setting themselves apart from the none-more-serious, post-metal beard-stroking brigade. Who knows? And frankly, who cares?

While sticking fairly rigidly to the tried and tested loud/quiet, thunderous/elegant dynamics of the genre, then, here PSOTY have nonetheless created the sort of flowing, textured and oddly unpretentious journey that you hoped that that Palms record would sound like.

From the gradually building, oceanic roll of Tides to the irruptive impact of Churning Of The Sea Of Milk and the cold, graceful repetitiveness of Fragments, there’s a narrative flow at play here far heavier than their name suggests.