Oozing Wound: Earth Suck

Chicago trio harshes Louis Armstrong’s buzz

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The public face of Oozing

Cue the title of their second and latest album, as well as the consuming theme of their Retrash debut. On the other hand, though, life is a big ol’ hilarious monkey knife-fight that can’t be taken seriously. Cue titles like Going Through The Motions Til I Die and Hippie Speedball. This same balancing act can be found in their noisy output. Deep, dark, sludgy colours offset their quirks, as if Melvins or Karp decided to dig into the discographies of unheralded and obscure 80s thrash heroes like Indestroy, Kublai Khan and Holy Terror. Speed metal collides with the artier side of downtown jazz on Bury Me With My Money while a molasses pace wins the race on False Peak (Earth Suck). There are, however, noticeable issues with catchiness and ‘this’ being indistinguishable from ‘that,’ but Oozing Wound’s not-so-delicate version of sonic parity does make for what is a powerfully abstruse statement.

Via Thrill Jockey