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It's official: Powerwolf are ready for world domination

Out now: Germany’s modern-metal titans Powerwolf pomp it up again on Call Of The Wild

Powerwolf: Call Of The Wild
(Image: © Napalm Records)

Currently one of the biggest bands in Europe, irrespective of genre, Powerwolf have always sounded like a band with ambitions to match their thrillingly bombastic sound. 

There’s no real secret to their ongoing success; Call Of The Wild is simply another collection of instantly memorable and wonderfully melodramatic heavy metal anthems, rich in gothic pomp and arena-worthy bluster, but also witty, gently inventive and often genuinely moving too. 

From explosive, laser-targeted singalong schlock like opener Faster Than The Flame and the title track, through to sumptuous, bloodthirsty balladry (Alive Or Undead), Powerwolf transcend their slender affiliation with an often myopic power-metal scene simply by having more character, better songs and, in the endlessly charismatic Attila Dorn, one of the best frontmen in the business. 

At their immaculate but slightly unhinged best, on the truly stirring Glaubenskraft and the neatly filthy Undress To Confess, Powerwolf sound more than ready for world domination.

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