Nordic Giants: A Séance Of Dark Delusions

Post-rock sonic meltdowns from faceless Brightonians.

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It’s easy to be cynical about an act such as Nordic Giants. Their live shows are not live shows, but “emotive sensual experiences” featuring live actors, animation and digital mapping; the nameless band members – described by their own website as “mythical creatures” – are disguised in outfits of raven feathers; and, well, their album is called A Séance Of Dark Delusions

For all the delusions and affectations, however, it’s hard not to be seduced – at least for a couple of spins. Within the sphere of aural grandness, this is very good stuff indeed, successfully pairing epic prog guitar work with warm electronic loops and end-of-days narration.

Opener Elysian Dreams conjures up Explosions In The Sky at their most intense; Spirit sounds like Pink Floyd attempting a Bond theme; and when Nordic Giants are at their most commercial (Rapture), think Enya joining Mogwai.

A few tunes and an escape from the post-rock template of ethereal bit/loud bit and Nordic Giants could enjoy festival success on a par with Sigur Rós./o:p