No Transitory: Collide EP

The NZ brothers’ debut EP is pallid yet promising.

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We all know debut releases are tough ones to crack. They’re a statement, a proclamation, an if they’re, well, just a tad weak, then the subsequent battle is very much an uphill one.

Like that cone of slightly undercooked chips one had the other night, this maiden effort from Auckland brothers Michael and Mark Tronson lays somewhere in the middle of the enjoyment spectrum. Yes, it satiates the hunger and fills a void, but it fails to truly excite. Let’s have the good stuff first: the Collide EP is at best a decent tech rock effort that journeys through those light and dark shades we all know and love. The second track, the crisp Vessel, peaks with some guitar gymnastics, and the clever title track at one point channels the trademark doom-mongering and discordant riffery of Opeth. Strip away the bells and whistles, however, and it seems this five-track, djent-lite effort relies heavily on one-paced, melodic swashes (Wingspan is a power ballad with few prog perks). No Transitory might have a way to go to catch up with their peers, but Collide shows there’s potential simmering away, You suspect it could very well be second time lucky for them.