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Nightwish - Vehicle Of Spirit DVD review

Theatrical Finns aim for the stars but come a few inches short

NIGHTWISH Vehicle Of Spirit cover art

Eight albums and three vocalists later, Nightwish are better than they have ever been. Fronted by the imposing Floor Jansen, the Finnish veterans have transformed from symphonic curios to a destructive, arena-levelling powerhouse, thanks in no small part to their stageshow.

Taking cues from Kiss and Mötley Crüe, Nightwish’s set-up is a pyromaniac’s dream, and for the first time, their epic Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour has been captured live in London and Tampere. Ten thousand fans are packed into the sold-out Wembley Arena, eyes wide and mouths open as the stage is engulfed in flames and fireworks, flanked by giant screens beaming visuals of fairground rides, pendulums and bells. The footage itself is impressive, but a little lacklustre in approach. While some bands go all-out for DVD filming, with crane or roaming cams onstage, we’re met with the same angles throughout the 90-plus minutes, struggling to capture the grandiose show, at risk of almost looking lifeless. That said, the setlist is flawless, with Nemo, Alpenglow and Stargazers aired in London, while Tampere gets a sensational Sleeping Sun. Also included: two discs of extra tracks and a no-frills/thrills interview with atheist collaborator Richard Dawkins.