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Nightbringer: Ego Dominus Tuus

Pomp, circumstance and brutality from symphonic Americans

Nightbringer are to the current symphonic black metal scene what Limbonic Art were back in the late 90s: an OTT and thus extremely enjoyable guilty pleasure that doesn’t leave any stone unturned.

In order to work, this subgenre can’t stand for half-measures and those Colorado-based worshippers are more than happy to oblige. Actually, the words ‘epic’ and ‘bombastic’ don’t even begin to cover the 72-minute journey of Nightbringer’s fourth full-length. But while the heydays of Emperor are also a clear influence, this band haven’t forgotten that this isn’t 1991 anymore and they are thankfully bereft of cheap keyboards passages and clumsy, so-called atmospheric parts. Although Ego Dominus Tuus raises the bar quite high in terms of brutality, it isn’t all about saturating sonic spaces, as underneath their Setherial-like barrage of sounds and torrential riffing lies a precision that betrays the members’ death metal roots. More importantly, graced with the right kind of solemn delivery, even the mandatory ritualistic interlude, Call Of The Exile, has the unique majesty you’d expect from such a clearly affiliated piece of work.

Via Season Of Mist