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Neon Animal's Make No Mistake is pure, adrenalin-soaked scorch

Rock, rock, rock, rock, rock… on Neon Animals' follow-up to Bring Back Rock n Roll From The Dead

Neon Animals - Make No Mistake
(Image: © Neon Animal Records)

London’s Neon Animal love rock’n’roll and they hate everything else. They love it so much that three songs on this album have ‘rock’ in the title, and virtually all of them are about rock. 

The tracks drip with menace and glamour, like a drug-fuelled escapade with well-dressed criminals in some filthy back-alley dive bar. They’re the feral step-children of Hanoi Rocks, the Rolling Stones, used leather and black latex. 

Opener Rock’n’Roll War is so good it’s on the album twice, a sonic bullet to the brain. The title track and the slinky Rock’n’Roll Suicide are also highlights. 

There is a ballad (Broken Mirror), but I choose to ignore it. Ninety per cent of this album is pure adrenalin-soaked scorch, and that’s plenty.