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My Ruin: Ghosts And Good Stories

Return of the Killer B.

My Ruin frontwoman Tarrie B doesn’t so much open her heart to you as rip it still beating from a gaping wound in her chest before forcing the bloody mess down your throat.

While her partner Mick Murphy provides the frantic, doomy, metallic backbone to their music, it’s B’s bloodletting howl, visceral fury and hair-tearing emotional outpouring that has always, and still does, give My Ruin their razorblade of an edge.

As ever, rich and bloody Catholic imagery clashes explosively with nihilistic, non-believing despair. Her raw screams rail against the vapid pursuit of celebrity (Money Shot) and the physical and moral decay of Los Angeles (La Cuidad), before she turns her fury on herself in the confessional Suicide Tuesday, finding hope and light amongst the bleakness with the line: ‘Tuesday feels like suicide but I just want to live’.

Ghosts And Good Stories may well be the most intense music experience of the year.