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My Brother The Wind: Once There Was A Time When Time And Space Were

Pedigree prog from these wordy, worthy Swedes.

This Swedish supergroup features members from bands as diverse as retro-rockers Magnolia and proggers Anekdoten, and they’re less an aggregate of combined experience, more an ego-dissolving search for sonic satori.

Recorded live in a single day, these nine, lotus-scented improvisational jams sound utterly free of constraint. Psychedelic riffs dilate into undercurrents of luxuriant drones, softly stirred by percussive shuffles channelled from Krautrock’s wilder shores. It’s laid-back, immersive and at times recalls Earthless’ infinitely fertile excursions. But spiritual oneness can be a bit stupefying. Whereas 2011’s I Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Infinity had the rolling, jazz-impregnated epic Fire! Fire!! as its unforgettable point of departure, there’s nothing as tantalisingly expansive here. Only the luminous momentum of Song Of Innocence Part 2 and the closing Epilogue, bathed in rays as if borne by solar sails offer any anticipation. This is undoubtedly the soul-freeing work of master musicians, but the selfish gene in you might feel a little short-changed.