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Ministry & Co-conspirators: Undercover

Greatest hits and covers mangled and milked for all they’re worth.

Like 2008’s Cover Up – and what happened to that being Ministry’s final album? – this is a collection of industrial classics retooled by Al Jourgensen and associates.

Some are a hoot, like their slaying of Iron Man, Paranoid and Purple Haze. Some are unnecessary like Sharp Dressed Man and Paint It Black (not as good as the other Stones cover Under My Thumb on Cover Up). And by rerecording Jesus Built My Hotrod, Stigmata and NOW, Al gets to snatch back the copyright from the Man.

It’s like a return to the golden age of the early 90s, when some Ministry-related product was released every 10 minutes, ranging from bad taste covers to works of heart mulching genius. You know what you’re getting with Ministry: proper fucking machine noise disco. Long may comrade Jourgensen flog this dead horse.