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Mike Tramp: Museum

Not quite super, Tramp: unreconstructed rock from former White Lion frontman.

Swathed in denim ’n’ leather and wearing an American flag as a scarf on the sleeve, it’s somehow inevitable that Mike Tramp is, in fact, Danish.

However his irony-free appreciation of classic rock (Dylan, Springsteen, Neil Young) comes – as the title suggests – with a curator’s eye for detail. Opener Trust In Yourself is a heartfelt ode to self-determination, while Down South is a sleazy boogie worthy of the Black Keys.

Elsewhere there’s a little too much of the bittersweet balladry that characterised solo debut Cobblestone Street, but Tramp’s impassioned delivery (think Michael Stipe, had he settled for life as a petrol pump attendant) adds a welcome grit to these blue-collar laments.