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Massive: Full Throttle

Re-release of Aussie rockers’ storming debut album

Melbourne’s Massive claim to play “Fist-swinging, riot-starting, girlfriend-stealing, punch-in-the-face rock’n’roll,” which seems like an appropriate assessment.

That the quartet have tacked covers by AC/DC (If You Want Blood [You’ve Got It]) and Aerosmith (Rats In The Cellar) onto this re-release of their independently-released 2013 album should offer a decent clue to their source materials; that they have the chutzpah to write a song about Hollywood from thousands of miles away speaks volumes about where their heads and hearts are. Full Throttle is a terrifically apposite title for an album that simply roars from the speakers, and while only a fool would claim that Massive are boldly pushing hard rock into new spaces, their energy and enthusiasm is utterly infectious and their songwriting is supremely assured. Nice work, gentlemen.

Via Earache