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Marmozets: The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets

British mathcore crew unleash their feral streak

They’ve been bubbling along the underground for years and now, with the weight of Roadrunner behind them, the Yorkshire punks are making a break for the surface.

Coming from a mathcore background, the family quintet have turned up the accessibility rating. Frontwoman Becca MacIntyre’s vocals soar with knowing anthemic ability throughout Captivate You and Cry, but don’t go thinking it’s a Paramore joint: no sooner has the warbling started, the snarling and spitting isn’t far behind. Revved-up punkathons Why Do You Hate Me? and Particle flit effortlessly between huge choruses and instrument killing. And no finer example of this can be found on Vibetech, which harks back to Marmozets’ earlier Vexed EP in their mathier days. The tip of the hat to their underground past sits perfectly in this new soundscape. It’s beautifully constructed, the production is killer but they’ve kept the aggression. How could it get better?

Via Roadrunner

Luke Morton