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Marianne Toilet And The Runs - Eargasms For Your Genitals album review

The best of Sleaze you can get this month

Cover art for Marianne Toilet And The Runs - Eargasms For Your Genitals album

From Witch City, USA, Marianne Toilet And The Runs are a rainbow-puking riot of sexed-up glam rock who aim to leave you dripping in laughter and love goo. With a sound that vacillates between summer-camp musical theatre and the New York Dolls, the band bash through true tales such as Lawnmowing (‘I lost my balls in a lawnmowing accident’) and Frat Guy In The Closet (‘That’s not shame on your face, it’s cum’), and helpful sex guides like Fifi (don’t ask) and The Blumpy (seriously, you don’t wanna know).

Unlike a lot of ‘comedy rock’ outfits, the songs on Eargasms are tight and catchy enough to warrant repeated listens, although you’d probably get arrested for playing it in public.

Basically if you dig the Dwarves and drag queens and bathroom-floor orgies, then this is exactly what you’re looking for. It’ll probably turn you into a degenerate creep, but let’s face it, you were halfway there anyway.

Came from the sky like a 747. Classic Rock’s least-reputable byline-grabber since 2003. Several decades deep into the music industry. Got fired from an early incarnation of Anal C**t after one show. 30 years later, got fired from the New York Times after one week. Likes rock and hates everything else. Still believes in Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction, against all better judgment.