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Lyraka: Lyraka

Codpiece not included.

Written as a soundtrack to a yet to be released animated movie about Neires a ‘metalhead’ who finds an ‘enchanted guitar’ and goes in search of a mermaid (King Arthur meets Splash?) Lyraka is the brainchild of Blackmore obsessed guitarist Andy Di Gelsomnia and his BBW body building ‘gothic mermaid’ model muse Jasmine Lyraka.

Amusingly dubbed as a – wait for it music lovers – Wagnerian Opera Metal, the whole concept screams Box Office disaster but somehow it works.

Gelsomnia, a more than competent guitarist and songwriter has managed to pull in an impressive cast of performers including Graham Bonnet who is on fiery form, and Benedictum’s frighteningly gravel-throated Veronica Freeman. At its best this sounds like a tasty hybrid of Dio circa Rainbow, Iron Maiden, and early Metallica with a touch of Manowar testosterone rock.

This is a labour of love by a couple that obviously spend far too much time reading cheap fantasy novels and playing World of Warcraft. Can’t wait for part two.