Lucifer's Child: The Wiccan

Rotting Christ/Nightfall members sound a dynamic call to arms

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Lucifer’s Child is presented as something of a supergroup, featuring as it does members of legendary Greek veterans Rotting Christ and Nightfall.

Those members are actually relatively recent additions to the aforementioned bands, but not to worry, because Lucifer’s Child has just the sort of genre-blending appeal you’d associate with many of the better collaborations the metal world has given us.

We have a remarkably fresh-sounding blend of death and black metal with both contemporary and traditional influences, and which is identifiably Greek without being stereotypical in any respect. The gothic tones, heavy emphasis on groove and energetic approach certainly offer a nod toward George and Stathis’s other bands, the catchy and driving tunes on the first half of the record making a powerful impact, with the immediacy of the compositions balanced by careful texturing and sense of dynamics that recall Greece’s murky underground past. Interestingly, the latter half of the album offers equally adept songwriting, but in a much doomier and more melancholy vein, making this a very re-playable record and an impressive debut.