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Lola Colt - Twist Through The Fire album review

Sultry brilliance from London-based sextet.

Lola Colt Twist Through The Fire album cover

London’s Lola Colt wrestle back the term ‘gothic’ from tacky Camden Market corset stalls and return it to the beautiful shadows of high art where it belongs.

Second album Twist Through The Fire revels in the kind of dark, oddly threatening sensuality the 4AD roster made so essential in the 80s and 90s; drenched in psychedelic, fuzz-adorned guitars and ghostly synths and underpinned by tribal, Siouxsie And The Banshees-style rhythm. Frontwoman Gun Overbye has the kind of commanding presence and spun-out pagan soul that marks her out as the spiritual offspring of Nick Cave and Grace Slick.

It’s all painstakingly woven together, the dubby beats and Middle Eastern melodies of Moksha Medicine proving particularly hypnotic. Bring on a season of warm summer days indoors in the company of this rather wonderful band.