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Locrian: Infinite Dissolution

A claustrophobic and colossal ode to the man-made endtimes

A concept album, loosely based around the idea that mankind is sleepwalking into an extinction wrought by our own hands, inspired by the book The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert: such is the idea behind Infinite Dissolution, the sixth full-length from Chicago-based noise/post-metal/ambient/drone/‘experimental’ trio Locrian.

If you’re still with us, congratulate yourself – your reward is one of the most flawlessly executed records of the year.

From opener Arc Of Extinction – which calls to mind the sort of extra-terrestrial horror that might be achieved by a Neurosis/Zombi collaboration – Dissolution feels a far more rounded and honed affair than its predecessor, Return To Annihilation – Infinite, while remaining stylistically consistent. There’s the John Carpenter-esque synth augmentations of The Great Dying and the almost gloom-pop of An Index Of Air, to the ambient noise and field recordings of KXL I, II and III, their jarring, more claustrophobic elements remain, however. A stunning feat.