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Larkin Poe's Self Made Man: winningly gnarly and authoritive

Georgia sister act Larkin Poe come back stronger on fifth album Self Made Man

Larkin Poe - Self Made Man
(Image: © Tricki-Woo)

There’s something about Rebecca Lovell’s booming, bluesy voice that simply brooks no argument, and on Larkin Poe's fifth studio album she sounds more authoritative than ever. 

Opening salvo She’s A Self Made Man may have a sardonic side to it, but there’s a non-ironic conviction underpinning it that reflects a belief in earthy roots rock values. 

While Larkin Poe are worthy, though, they’re never dull – the Tyler Bryant-guesting Back Down South accompanies a loving evocation of their home region’s musical legacy with a winningly gnarly riff. 

Tears Of Blue To Gold is a joyous, chunky charmer, a blend of rock’n’soul and faintly glam-stomping boogie laced with Megan Lovell’s ever-resonant lap steel.