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Kill It Kid: You Owe Nothing

Warring British rockers retune the blues

Music’s cyclical pattern of history repeating continues. Glam rock’s made a fleeting reappearance this year, neo-grunge threatens to rise up from the grave and it could be argued blues rock never really went away.

The White Stripes helped it move into the indie mainstream, Jack White’s taken it into arenas and the Black Keys have inspired a new generation of players. Not unlike the latter, Kill It Kid reach into a blues-rich history for their inspiration, but have finetuned the sound on their second album to a punchy, radio-friendly dynamic that leaves the speakers like a rocket.

Especially good is the thunder of Black It Out and Sick Case Of Loving You, with Christopher Turpin and Stephanie Ward swapping vocals the way a warring couple spit barbs. It’s Turpin whose dynamic vocal – broken and brittle; fierce and full – should ensure that Kill It Kid endure./o:p