Khors: Wisdom of Centuries

Progressive-minded Ukranians make an international break

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Formed by Khorus of Ukrainian legends Astrofaes and named after the Slavic sun god, Khors debuted in 2005 and have remained productive ever since, Wisdom of Centuries being the fifth full-length release by the band.

As an outfit Khors share much with their compatriots and comparisons can quickly be made with Astrofaes (unsurprisingly), Nocturnal Mortum, Drudkh and Hate Forest, an ex-member of whom, Khaoth, drums here. For those unfamiliar with those names, the sound here is an epic, mid-paced and reasonably melodic take on black metal, taking in a melancholy and sometimes introspective atmosphere and featuring plenty of folk touches, progressive flourishes and synth accompaniment.

Likewise, while the band are quick to declare themselves ‘non-political’, they retain the national interests of their peers, the album dedicated to the failed Ukranian uprising against the Bolsheviks about a century ago. Whatever the concept – the lyrics are obviously pretty impenetrable for non-native speakers – Wisdom is an engaging, dynamic, immersive and reflective listen and up there with their country’s finest.