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Jeff Beck: In The 1960s

From school yard to Yardbird.

The statements on the back cover “This DVD is not authorised by Jeff Beck nor his representatives” and that Ron Wood was the “second guitarist” in the Jeff Beck Group (he was the bassist) might suggest a certain shoddiness, but this doc has been quite well put together.

With a running time of just over two hours, narrated by Charles Shaar Murray and featuring plenty of talking heads who (mostly and/or most of the time) know what they’re talking about, it looks back at the growing-up years and rise to fame in the 60s of the man who many now consider to be The World’s Greatest Living Guitarist.

Although Beck didn’t participate in the production, there are snippets of archive TV interviews with him, live footage of The Yardbirds, Les Paul, Led Zep and Beck himself to bolster the many stills.

The story is told by early manager Giorgio Gomelsky, Tim Bogert, Beck biographer Martin Power, fellow Yardbirds Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja and more, uncovering some interesting facts and never lingering too long anywhere to become dull, and there’s something here for Beck fans and aficionados alike./o:p