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Iron Reagan: Tyranny Of Will

The fast, the furious and the Foresta

Fans of Municipal Waste will already be aware of Iron Reagan, frontman Tony Foresta’s other project and, on this evidence,

The band’s sound exists in a place not too far removed from the Waste’s short, sharp bluster, but Tyranny Of Will eschews their goofiness in favour of sustained bursts of bug-eyed fury, still tinged with humour but of a more pointedly acerbic strain. Reluctant to let any song outstay its welcome, Iron Reagan attack every song at full pelt for roughly 60 seconds, before screeching to an abrupt halt, pausing for half a second and then erupting anew. It could, in less skilful hands, be a little one-dimensional, but thanks to a punchy and powerful production and the infectious urgency of their frontman’s riotous proclamations, Tony Forester and co deliver one jolting adrenaline shot after another. Eyeball Gore, Rat Shit and Class Holes may salute the noise of decades past, but this is a firmly and ferociously relevant splat of rageful sonic snot.

Via Relapse

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