Insidious Disease’s After Death: extreme metal A-listers’ deathly old school salvo

Napalm Death/Dimmu Borgir spin-off Insidious Disease head underground on new album After Death

Insidious Disease After Death album cover
(Image: © Nuclear Blast)

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Shane Embury gets about a bit. Not content with masterminding the excellent new Napalm Death album, chucking out a new Venomous Concept LP and reissuing the work of his shoegaze project Little Giant Drug, here the bassist is in cahoots with Dimmu Borgir’s Silenoz (guitars), Cyrus (guitars) and Tony Laureano (drums) for some chunky old-school death metal. For their second album, ID keep it simple: chugging riffs, bleak guitar leads and generic vocals that nonetheless work perfectly in context. As if to compound the authenticity, the cover art is by the legendary Dan Seagrave.