Impending Doom: Death Will Reign

German deathcore crew fail to advance their creed

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Since their inception in 2005, Impending Doom have been ploughing their brutal furrow with boundless enthusiasm. It’s a pretty straightforward formula: big chuggy riffs, a liberal smothering of double kickdrum and an abundance of moshable moments.

Fans will recognise much of the template and structure of last year’s Baptized In Filth replicated here. So while there isn’t much by way of progressive leaps forward this time there is a clear refinement of the Californians’ pre-existing style.

Death Will Reign is a lean and focused record that, outside of overplayed closer The Great Divine, feels tightly wound and neatly arranged. If there is a criticism it’s that the band feel one-paced. The breakdowns in the majority of these songs could be transplanted to any other without many complaints.

The upshot is that the album can occasionally blur into one, albeit a not wholly unenjoyable blur. Fans will lap this up, but if you were a bit indifferent to Impending Doom before then this will do little to change your mind.