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I Am War: Outlive You All

Metalcore superstars unleash the fury

Though Bleeding Through’s Brandan Schieppati’s influence is clearly all over this belligerent hark back to the primitive hardcore of his formative years, many will be shocked to hear Alex Varkatzas of million-selling heroes Atreyu tearing his vocal chords to shreds alongside him.

The longtime friends have teamed up with producer Mick Kennedy of malevolent Brummies Anaal Nathrakh to forge these 15 ferocious tracks, none of which breach the three-minute mark. Don’t Worship Assholes opens proceedings with a colossal riff before a frenzy of blistering vocals and scything metallic hardcore that belies any scepticism, with Alex Varkatzas delivering his most impressive performance to date.

As well as the album’s title, his venomous barbs aimed at the joyless fundamentalists and trolls that suck the life out of the scene on the ingeniously titled yet punishing Uninvite Me To Your Facebook Pity Party, and nostalgic ‘There was a time music felt so alive’ on Plug Me In are the best examples of the band’s manifesto. Both men’s day jobs have inspired countless copyists that have led to metalcore’s stagnancy, which makes this furious old-school romp a most welcome breath of fresh air.