Howls Of Ebb – Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows album review

Weird, wonderful transgressions from Howls Of Ebb's new album

Howls Of Ebb album cover

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Zee-Luuuvft-Huund and Roteen’ Blisssss, the two pseudonym-shrouded creators behind Howls Of Ebb’s “pendulum of transgressive osmotic reign” (whatever that means), spark one hell of a surreal headtrip on their second full-length.

It’s a hair-raising death/black metal hybrid, as jarringly atonal as it is skronk-riddled. Thrashing with mania-inducing speed one moment, only to disappear into a shadowy corner to mutter maniacally the next, the San Fransciscan duo create music like David Lynch makes films; the narrative will never make complete sense but you’ll be drawn back inside many times. With piercing screeds of noise- rock guitars over blasting drums and an array of deranged vocals, musically there’s plenty of kinship with US black metal leaders Leviathan. In fact, this wickedly inventive album is actually what Twilight featuring Thurston Moore should have sounded like. Cursus Impasse… excels at convincing you that the walls are dripping sticky ichor while you sit transfixed, mouth agape, as Howls Of Ebb spawn your wildest anxieties and order them to devour you whole.