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Helloween's self-titled 16th album is the German metallers’ best album in decades

Out now: Helloween deliver the goods with ensemble line-up including returning vocalist Michael Kiske and guitarist Kai Hansen

(Image: © Nuclear Blast)

It’s taken them more than 30 years, but at last Helloween have come up with an album that you can truly say is the one they should have done after 1988’s Keeper Of The Seven Keys: Part II

This is devastating power metal, built around towering riffs and blazing melodies. It’s what Helloween did so magnificently in the 80s, before losing their way. Now, with an ensemble line-up that includes returning vocalist Michael Kiske and guitarist Kai Hansen, the band are back on the right road.

You can feel their swelling excitement as Out For The Glory bursts its seams. And things march on from there. Best Time is an ebullient fist pumper, Mass Pollution has the wackiness that was always part of their armoury, and the mammoth Skyfall is a symphony encapsulating all of the band’s finest attributes. 

It’s taken them ages, but Helloween have delivered another classic.