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Hawkwind: 77

Anarcho hippie acid heads fight the Punk Wars.

Hawkwind’s sonic trajectory, recreational pursuits and temperament made them potential punk godfathers in waiting. Trying to curry favour in the year that Brit Punk broke was never their style, though.

The first half of this collection, corralling prolific live and studio output from the year when the two 7s clashed, makes it clear that Brock and co’s combat-trousers-clad successors were operating in a world the recently Lemmy-lessened, Ladbroke Grove rowdies had already mapped.

Several shades of mind-altering exhilaration can be experienced on empowering, dystopia-debunking dynamos such as Masters Of The Universe and Welcome To The Future.

But regardless of fashion, Messrs Brock, Calvert and co continued their own brilliantly defiant course – setting the controls to the heart of a chemically induced sun while enjoying hits such as Quark Strangeness And Charm’s title track. Far out and beautiful.