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Hawklords: We Are One

Disappointing effort from Hawkwind spin-off.

Hawklords emerged from one of Hawkwind’s schisms in 1978. They were led by Robert Calvert and issued one album before dissolving back into the many incarnations of the mothership. Now they’re back, under the stewardship of ‘synth man’ Harvey Bainbridge and keyboard player Steve Swindells, and with ‘punk poet’ Ron Tree on vocals.

Unfortunately, any hint of regality bestowed by that band name and legacy has apparently departed. Hawklords sound like a bunch of middle-aged men who, having found themselves locked in a cold garage, decided to record an album there.

Shooting perhaps for ragged, they have merely reached incompetence. Hawkwind have a discipline behind their spacey power: you have to work hard to make it seem easy. Hawklords hammer along like hobbyists. It’s all very disappointing.