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Hawklords: R:Evolution

Gnarly fourth album from thepsychedelic warlords.

The continued existence of Hawkwind and their myriad offshoots suggests that Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory had its flaws.

Having re-entered the fray in 2009, the follow-up to 2012’s We Are One album finds Harvey’s Bainbridge’s frazzled outfit still hurtling down the kind of sonic wormhole modern-day psych-outfits such as Temples and Tame Impala wouldn’t dare to enter.

Deep in space there is no shelter,’ hollers frontman Ron Tree in punk-prog mash-up Blink Of An Eye, and, backed by the turbo-trance rhythms of Bainbridge’s synths and Jerry Richards’s needling guitar lines, this veteran wrecking crew achieve a heaviosity few could match.

Non-believers may wince at the cosmic babble of The Joker, where Tree adopts a Lydon-esque solemnity to declare: ‘I am the toad in a hole.’ But as mind-boggling nine-minute finale Shadow Of The Machines proves, The Hawklords’ refusal to bow down to conventional reality makes them both unique and as up-to-date as tomorrow.

Paul Moody is a writer whose work has appeared in the Classic Rock, NME, Time Out, Uncut, Arena and the Guardian. He is the co-author of The Search for the Perfect Pub and The Rough Pub Guide.