Hawk Eyes: Everything Is Fine

Eclectic Yorkshire rockers meld the mayhem and the melody

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Hawk Eyes have got some chops.

Having supported System Of A Down and played SXSW, they’ve racked up some hot credentials in addition to two formidable albums, which isn’t bad for a band who played Leeds’ DIY circuit with humble ambitions.

Built on a foundation of prog hardcore (or alt rock depending on which way you see it) that nods to Cancer Bats and Arcane Roots, album number three’s lust for frenzied diversity knows no bounds, ricocheting from frenzied mania to angular fretwork building up into a boisterous group-vocal rabble.

Here and there the smoothness that’s a sign of Hawk Eyes’ maturity smacks of mid-era Foo Fighters, but otherwise this is still an album chock-full of raw machismo, of which you get a bucketload on The Trap. I Never Lose delivers more of that Foos vibe but they smash back with a dizzying title track and then ratchet it all up even further on The Ambassador, charging at At The Drive-In territory, while TFF ends on a climactic post-metal note.

Via Red Vole