Hateful Abandon: Liars/Bastards

A misanthropic missive from Britain’s political wastelands

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Hateful Abandon’s approach to post-punk is layered with extreme misanthropy and complete disgust at the modern political landscape.

The duo have been active for quite some time in various guises, yet the development of the band and their sound took a little longer to evolve. Liars/Bastards is a much more rounded realisation of their industrial-influenced bombast and marks a significant step forward from 2011’s Move, while staying true to their roots.

Combining post-apocalyptic wastelands of noise with gorgeous electronic intricacy and Vice Martyr’s deep, consuming vocal is completely at odds with the harsher voices that appear throughout. Maze Of Bastards begins the album on huge, pounding beats before Culprit steps back into the sweeping pulses of electronics, and High Rise moulds both sides of the Hateful Abandon sound into one claustrophobic trip into darkness. Vice Martyr and bandmate Swine have here a record that is most definitely a product of a corrupt and broken Britain, a problem that won’t be going away any time soon… and neither will they. Liars/Bastards is the sound of movement and Hateful Abandon are the catalyst.

Via Candlelight