Hate - Tremendum album review

Polish death metallers roll with the changes

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Tremendum sees Hate mainstay ATF Sinner trying to rebuild his band after an uncertain few years after bassist Mortifier passed away in 2013, guitarist Destroyer and drummer Hexen departed for pastures new and the dip in quality that was 2015’s Crusade: Zero. Inspired, in part, by Slavic folklore and tradition as well as the work of German philosopher Rudolf Otto and Austrian esoteric Rudolf Steiner, Tremendum re-embraces Hate’s roots while adding progressive beats, industrial influences, Polish lyrics and increasingly intricate song structures. A more organic affair compared to recent output, the pensive and pummelling Svarog’s Mountain is packed with string bends, stellar solos and blood-curdling growls. Hypnotic slow-burner Numinosum, the mournful Sea Of Rubble and the menacing, mid-paced stomperWalk Through Fire also help to make this Hate’s best album in years. Though they could have pushed the boundaries further, this latest incarnation of the band could become the most formidable yet.