Halestorm: The Strange Case Of...

When you’ve loved and lost like Lzzy Hale.

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Albums can have the strangest starting point. Take Halestorm’s second album, which blossomed into life after singer Lzzy Hale (yes, we have no idea where the missing ‘i’ went either) got tired and emotional one night and started singing into her mobile phone.

Admittedly, who hasn’t done that. But it’s rare you then get the chance to send said song to your A&R man and producer who are delighted with your enterprising misery and insist you write a few more like it.

Miss Hale (given the tone of this album, we must assume there’s no one special waiting at home) tears through the pages of her diary for stompers like the dumb Love Bites (So Do I) and the clunking Rock Show. While the soporific ballads Break In and In Your Room suggest that she might have a little trouble letting go when things do eventually end.