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Grizzly Knows No Remorse: Fat Glasses And The Leather Moustache

Inebriated Russians are one bottle short of a brewery

Drinking is fun, isn’t it? That’s why so many bands dedicate their lives to partying and the art of inebriation.

If you’re a fan of Red Fang or Wilson you’ll want to share a drink with this gang of Russian beer-swillers.

Sounding like a joyride down the freeway with all the Bud your liver can take, Grizzly’s second album is the sort of Southern punk’n’roll that makes you want to shotgun a beer then crush it on your skull. However, while there are some exciting shades of Every Time I Die in Equalising Mourning and the no-fucks-given attitude of Godstasy is infectious, nothing resonates on a meaningful level. It’s tight and they’re obviously talented, but there’s something missing that make the aforementioned bands Hammer favourites. The groundwork has been laid; if it can be built upon and crafted, we’ll be standing on the nearest bar belting out the next album with whiskey in hand.

Luke Morton
Faux Northerner. Online Editor for Metal Hammer. Host and Producer of the Metal Hammer Podcast. A bigger Simpsons fan than you.