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Goat Leaf: A Lack Of Oxygen: Tales Of Crashing Satellites

Bluesy retro rock direct from the swamplands of the River Don

With the proliferation of bands with ‘goat’ in their name (Goat Penis, anyone?) it could be easy to overlook this blues-jamming, rock’n’rolling long-player born not from the muddy swamps of the deep South but... Rotherham.

Coming from the same school of smokey, tectonic retro rock as Sons Of Icarus and Rival Sons, Goat Leaf forge slow burners with a heart of groove and a soul of psychedelia, colliding with punk-rock attitude and raw energy.

The Truth Be Told’s blazing, strung-out bass heartbeat would have you believe this is a free-spirited wanderer of a song, but their gracious tribute to Cream, Hendrix et al gives it the sort of feelgood vibe that makes you want to chug another pint, not take another toke. Goat Leaf are in no hurry to lift their heads out of the proto-metal mire but hey, the kids dig it, man, and right now retro seems to be the way forward.

Get your lava lamps out – these lads are going to take you on a cosmic rocket ride.