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Gallon Drunk: The Road Gets Darker From Here

Seventh studio album from James Johnston’s lurching Londoners.

It’s nearly a quarter century since Gallon Drunk first rumbled their way out of North London, their rockabilly noir inspiring the likes of PJ Harvey and The Jim Jones Revue along the way. Still managing to simultaneously ooze menace, voodoo cool and black-hearted soul, their line-up may have changed but their musical shtick is as agreeably greasy and switchblade-sharp as it ever was.

Lurching opener You Made Me may be unexpectedly grungey – think Bleach-era Nirvana covering Dick Dale – but they still sound like the house band at Satan’s saloon.

Switching between the murderous on Hanging On and the maudlin on Stuck In My Head, Gallon Drunk remind us that they’re just as vital and heartfelt when crooning as they are when destroying Hammond organs while looking good in Hawaiian shirts.