Flyleaf: Between The Stars

Turning over a new ‘leaf...

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There are times here when you can’t help but think of other bands. Opener Set Me On Fire has the same quirkiness as Just A Girl from No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom, while Head Underwater could sit comfortably on a mid-70s Fleetwood Mac album.

New vocalist Kristen May’s high-pitched, passionate voice rides through on the cascading Sober Serenade, the introspective Thread or the more upbeat City Kids. And the rest of the band prove their worth with some clever musicianship on the heavy Traitor and the chiming kinks of Marionette.

The only problem is that the album is too long. By the time you reach Ship Of Fools, it’s clear you could scythe four songs off and actually make it a more cohesive, all-round experience. But, if you leave the quantity situation aside, Between The Stars is perhaps Flyleaf’s most complete album to date./o:p