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Floods: Floods

Rising melodic hardcore crew bring sweetness and blight

Melding spunky melodic hardcore with the heavier end of pop punk, St Albans crew Floods have set themselves up nicely as a band to bridge gaps and bring in fans from a variety of corners of the modern punk and hardcore spectrum.

Despite a variety of setbacks that blighted much of the recording process (not least some rather destabilising lineup changes), the five-piece’s self-titled debut has finally landed, and it’s brimming with insanely catchy melodies, snarling, punked-up riffs and enough moments of pure, balls-out punk rock euphoria to ensure that seeing tracks like Snake Eater and Light performed in the flesh could and should be nothing less than spectacular.

Particular moments of note include the fierce, chest-beating anthem, Hotel Cooper and the heartwarming You Convinced Me That I Needed It, there are singalongs etched all over the damn thing. Truth be told, the clean vocals aren’t the strongest ever, but they fit the bill well enough to not be a distraction, giving Floods enough impetus to start working towards being something special.

Merlin Alderslade

Metal Hammer editor Merl heads up the world's biggest metal brand and is probably responsible for 90% of all nu metal-related content making it onto the site.